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Create space with modules and containers

Videos of our container production

Here you can gain an insight into the production process of our portable cabins, accomodation units, sanitary cabins and storage containers.

Create space with modules and containers

This video clip relates to our company location in Wiener Neudorf near Vienna, and shows the internationality of our staff, who speak your language. Furthermore, the entire CONTAINEX product range is represented, consisting of portable and sanitary cabins and storage and shipping containers. The container production in our European plants, the simple transport or reference examples are just a few other points that can be seen in the video.
Create space with modules and containers play

State-of-the-art portable cabin production

Production is carried out in accordance with the strict environmental and quality standard "CONTAINEX GREEN technology". Using the latest production techniques and high-quality materials guarantees the best quality. This also includes cathodic dip painting (KTL), the packing and installation of Transpack containers and the loading options in a truck.
State-of-the-art portable cabin production play

State-of-the-art storage container production

The following video clip shows the standardised production of our storage containers at the highest level (cathodic dip painting). Only after a precise final inspection do all storage containers receive our "CONTAINEX GREEN technology" award.
State-of-the-art storage container production play

Fire test Moverbox

A fire test was carried out for the Moverbox with different test materials. The fire in our Moverbox extinguished itself within only 2 minutes.
Fire test Moverbox play
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GREEN technology
GREEN technology Guaranteed quality and environmental standards, which the supplier selection, material purchasing, production and quality control are based on.

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