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Asylum seeker accommodation for refugees, Berlin, Germany

Germany/The U.K./France/Italy relies on mobile buildings made from residential cabins!

In Berlin, within a few months, we built living accommodation for 2,400 refugees with the support of our partners! This will offer refugees the following infrastructure: lounges, bedrooms, wash rooms, social rooms, children's playrooms, administrative offices, training rooms and much more. Outside, generous exercise areas and playgrounds were also created!

Experience and diversity

The current lack of accommodation for asylum seekers requires rapid action from many local authorities. Last year CONTAINEX built numerous accommodation blocks made from cabin modules for asylum seekers. The modular construction allows for a variety of design possibilities. Thanks to their flexibility, accommodation blocks can be installed in any size or configuration on any site that has an electricity connection, a running water supply and a drainage channel.

CONTAINEX Project for asylum seeker accommodation, Berlin

CONTAINEX Project for asylum seeker accommodation, Berlin play

Constructional requirements

The modular system can also incorporate structural engineering requirements such as energy saving regulations (e.g. EnEV), fire protection regulations etc. Due to these high-quality facilities, operating costs can be reduced to a minimum.

Different applications

The high production capacity of CONTAINEX - the cabins and modular sytems are produced in our European factories - enables quick delivery times. The systems can be expanded and re-used for a wide range of applications. Examples include club houses, youth centres, event centres, replacement buildings for building restorations etc.

Key benefits of CONTAINEX modules:

  • Ready-for-occupancy accommodation within a few weeks
  • Personal on site advice
  • Adequate accommodation in high-quality space modules
  • Flexible installation locations – only a foundation, electricity connections, a running water supply and drainage channels are required
  • Individual room layouts in many sizes and various fittings available
  • Flexible expansion and re-use due to modular design
  • Low operating costs due to high-quality materials
  • Rental, leasing or purchasing options
  • Rapid delivery times due to our European production

Request more information, planning examples or a no-obligation consultation for accommodation for asylum seekers at: Enquiry

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