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CONTAINEX - CONTAINER - a product with a future

CONTAINER - a product with a future

Countless applications

A container is simply a jack of all trades. It is a quick-change artist and a space-creating multi-functional tool. It can be built just as quickly as it can be dismantled. As a mobile space solution, it can be used anywhere to accommodate people short-term. In addition, it can be easily reused. And the best part: you can customise it according to your individual taste. Whether on the construction site, as an office or for events - it meets all your needs at a reasonable price.

Adaptation genius

When building, you can't always look into the future. So what's better than having a space solution at hand that can be extended at any time. That's easy with the CONTAINEX modular design. If the customer's requirements change, we can immediately create additional space. That's why we also call our flexible space solutions "instant space". Because they can be quickly and easily built and expanded. That's exactly what we do all around the world.

Full comfort for every taste

Whoever says containers aren't comfortable, hasn't experienced ours. Everything you need for a comfortable life - such as heating, air conditioning, sanitary rooms, optimal thermal and acoustic insulation - is not only available but can be customised according to personal taste and individual requirements. And all in a very short construction period. This makes containers an attractive alternative to solid construction.

Own production plants

High quality and environmentally-friendly production processes are at the top of our list of priorities. The certified production plants owned by CONTAINEX also guarantee a long-standing partnership. Incidentally, a significant differentiator from the competition which our customers appreciate.

So, we are pushing energy-efficient design, the use of recyclable materials and environmentally-friendly production. The portable and sanitary cabins and storage containers are produced in accordance with strict environmental and quality standards (GREEN technology).

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GREEN technology
GREEN technology Guaranteed quality and environmental standards, which the supplier selection, material purchasing, production and quality control are based on.

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